nibbles and bits

I built these things:


pflog tracks travel routes visually and interactively on an animated map. I use it for my own travels, so I thought other people might find it useful as well.

For a Living

I used to write software for the New Mexico Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources Department. Some of the software is also used by the Bureau of Land Management, and the New Mexico counties.

The work was an interesting mix of GIS, analysis software for hydrology, soil and vegetation science, and collaborative tools for environmental regulation.


ljArchive is a popular tool for downloading, browsing, and analyzing your LiveJournal blog. It comes pre-stocked with some functionality, such as a psychological profiling tool, text-to-speech, and export tools for various formats. The software provides a plugin architecture so that you can add your own functionality.


DataTools is a class library for synchronizing complex relational multi-table datasets with various data sources. It serves as an engine for an application's data layer, in the style of the data-tier models that are popular today.

Music Software

SimpleMidi is a native .NET library for loading, parsing, and saving MIDI files.

MidiMonster is an experiment in mathematical music transformations. The software comes with a number of transformation modules, and allows you to write your own. Some of the results have been pretty interesting.

Dearly Departed

I also have a bunch of old projects lying around.


ljArchive and pflog are released under the zlib/libpng License. The rest are released under the MIT License.