former life

The software I wrote for EMNRD enables the agency to digitally store, manage, and analyze all of the data needed to regulate and reclaim mines in New Mexico. The data EMNRD uses comes in different shapes and sizes, and is stored in different systems:

It was my job to implement those systems, and to write software that lets people query those systems and analyze the answers they get back.

I also wrote software for a national, multi-agency document imaging project that is led by the Bureau of Land Management.


My work projects were written primarily in .NET/Winforms and ASP.NET, but I occasionally got to muck around in Win32/MFC. Some of my software falls into the Smart Client category, so I got to work with ASP.NET web services. While I love web services, I'm still not convinced ASP.NET itself is the best choice, particularly for writing traditional web applications and web interfaces. I've yet to see ASP.NET accomplish anything that wouldn't be either more powerful in Windows Forms or Ruby on Rails, or quicker and easier in PHP.

For spatial data we use AutoCAD and ESRI tools, but the software I wrote talks to Autodesk MapGuide because its toolset exposes an excellent COM interface.

For most of our other data, I programmed against a hybrid of SQL Server and high-speed network access storage devices for tabular, document, and imaging data.


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