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What is ljArchive?

ljArchive is a tool for downloading, browsing, and analyzing journal entries and comments from LiveJournal (or LiveJournal clones). ljArchive is currently available for Windows, and may soon be coming to gtk/Linux. ljArchive allows you to do the following to your journal:


Caveat 1: ljArchive is no longer supported directly by me. ljArchive is now maintained as a SourceForge project. If you download this software and encounter an error you think is a bug, please refer to the ljArchive LiveJournal community.

Caveat 2: ljArchive runs by virtue of the .NET framework. If you don't know what the .NET framework is, chances are you don't have it. You can download the installer here, or visit the Windows Update web site.


ljArchive and its plugins are distributed under the zlib/libpng open source license. The license says you can use the software and the source in any way you want, but you must credit me if you use my source in your own work.

Download ljArchive from SourceForge.


Check out revision history and credits to open source projects used by ljArchive.


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