(scrolling) around the world

What Is This?

This is pflog, a world map that (rather remarkably) traverses both space and time! Supply pflog with dates and coordinates and it will display the appropriate geography, along with a controllable timeline to fly through your routes.


On this page, pflog is displaying the legendary route of Fogg and Passepartout in Jules Verne's Around the World in 80 Days. pflog was born out of the desire to chart my own travels, and it can do the same for yours!

Putting pflog on your own site is pretty easy, and customizing pflog's appearance is only slightly less easy. You can view instructions here on the site; they're also included in the download, along with an example.


Have a look at revisions and credits to other free resources.


Yet Another Brief Parenthetical Departure

You may notice that the map above does not indicate whether Phileas Fogg reaches London in time to win his bet. Aren't you the least bit curious? You ought to read the book yourself to find out!